Losing Home

June 26, 2018 | Stories by Kate Williams

Because of your generosity, we were able to help a family in crisis. A women and her husband came into CAB very embarrassed and ashamed that they were in the position of needing help. They had received a letter of eviction due to unpaid property tax. They had tried everything they could to earn the extra money, but fell short. By the time they walked into our office they had one day to pay their tax, or they would lose their home.

YOU HELPED. You made a difference and kept a roof over this family. You helped pay a portion of their property tax, and even more importantly you were able to share the love and the generosity of our God. 

When you give to CAB, you are really giving to make these moments of generosity and mission happen. With your gift, you gave out food to homeless, to families in crisis, to senior adults that can't make their social security check stretch far enough, and you keep families in crisis from losing their homes, or having their water or electricity cut off. 

Thank you, because you give, you help lift people out of their crisis and share the love of God. 

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