Did You Know? 

As of Oct 4, 2021 we have given out over 50,000 lbs of food to our community this year! 

During 2020 You:

Gave out 2,205 boxes of food 
Gave out 321 CSFP (Senior Food Box Program) 
Helped 25 families with utilities 
Helped 16 families with temporary shelter or keeping a roof over their heads
Helped 6 families with transportation/gas vouchers
Helped families with medicine
You have given out more then 32,000 pounds of food since Jan 1, 2021! 

Current Needs (as of Oct 4th)

We are currently needing the following:

Jelly (Strawberry, Grape) 
Soup (tomato, chicken noodle, vegetable soup, beef)
Cream of mushroom & cream of chicken
Spaghetti sauce
Tomato paste, Tomato sauce
Canned meat (chicken, salmon, ham, beef stew, Vienna sausage)
Canned beans (garbanzo, kidney, black beans, pinto beans, black eyed, Lima, pork and beans, baked beans)
Canned vegetables (carrots, yams, potatoes, beets, peas)
Canned fruit (cranberry sauce, pears, pineapple)

ALL Toiletries

Bar Soap
Ethnic Hair Shampoo 


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